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Fishing is a lifetime sport, grown up at the Limmat, Zurich's main river, fishing

was always present the days back.

Our dad's introduced us to fishing as we've been about 4 years old and we could'nt even handle that bloody rod.

Growing into a teenager didnt seem to have a good influence on our fishing. We pretty much quit fishing and changed rod and gumboots for girls and party, wich was kinda cool too, well for the girls, it's still !

As we got a bit older now, we finally found back to our roots and got infected by the fishing virus again.

These days flyfishing is the thing we are living for,we put so much time and energy in it, like we did in no other sports before.

After several years of intensive flyfishing our success got better and better and we've been able to hook up a lot of friends with the flyfishing virus.

In springtime 2008 we started up to guide visitors from all around the World.

We have great pleasure to show you some of our intresting home waters.

But most of all it makes us happy to see a big smile on somebodys face when they catch a nice fish!

We hope you enjoy...


tight lines


Morten, Pascal and Benji

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